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We are a non-profit organisation and welcome any kind of support. Everyone on County Linx Radio are volunteers and nobody is paid on the station.  If you would like to join the team, please check out the Join the Team page.

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Our team

County Linx radio consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced volunteers. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.


Andrew Ayers

Co founder of County Linx Radio


Andrew and his wife Carolyn started work in the NHS, before setting up, owning and running their own care company for over 14 years. Andrew bring a wealth of experience to this volunteering role and enjoys interacting with the public and the community, “ I believe that everyone should do volunteering work at some point in there lives”. Andrew was the Chairman on Irby & Bratoft village hall for over 5 years and was also a Lives Responder.  



Email: andrew@countylinxradio.co.uk



Carolyn Ayers

Co founder of County Linx Radio






Email: carolyn@countylinxradio.co.uk


Douglas Lunn

Co founder of County Linx Radio



Having set up Radio Stations here there and everywhere, been in broadcasting for many years with the BBC as a freelance Broadcasting Engineer (camera & Sound), mainly abroad in some Dangerous situations, the odd Wimbledon, chasing Politicians etc. training young engineers in the way of correct set up!

For many years I had a PPL and flew the odd Helicopter Inc Air Ambulance and a Jet Ranger with the ID of G-WIZZ.

Ill health seems to have curtailed many things, but with many peoples help, slowly returning to some, including this project from day one, teaching ITC to mature students, those that listen! Seem to help down at Irby & Bratoft village hall usually with a camera and perhaps a microphone.

Want to find out how to help us, get in touch.



Email: doug@countylinxradio.co.uk


Steve Kent

Co founder of County Linx Radio


Steve has been a big music fan all his life. His first job was tuning church organs. He is also much travelled. Driving countrywide fully equipt with a measuring tape and drawing board for a local Shopfitting Company. He then enjoyed 14 educational years driving a Taxi. His Cab was used by most of his customers as a confession box. In no time Steve also became an agony uncle and confidant to many of his grief stricken passengers. Recently his employment has been bullying people into buying Health & Accident Insurance and Necking Chickens on a nearby village farm.

He recently achieved a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression & Gynaecology.

He began in Community Radio in 2007 and has not looked back since. He also enjoys doing Voice Over’s in which he can impersonate normal people.




Email: stevethevoice@countylinxradio.co.uk


Robbie Johnson






Email: rocklobster@countylinxradio.co.uk


Karl Bird





Having worked in Entertainment for the last 16years, starting as a redcoat at Butlins to most recently on cruise ships as Cruise Director, presenter and singer, Karl brings his enthusiasm, humor and personality to the team. With an appetite to have fun and brighten as many peoples days as possible, it’s a pleasure to be part of this fab station. Keen interests in all sports, traveling, local events and all genres of music. On top of that.. bad jokes…to which he is a master of!





Email: karl@countylinxradio.co.uk


Patrick Webb OBE



Patrick has been a member of various folk and jazz bands over too many years to remember. He has an interest in modern artists and now performs in a small group with a vivacious appetite for a mix of music.

To earn money, he has been a teacher, Headteacher, Chief Executive of a leading Scottish centre and represented Special Education at local and national levels. He was awarded an OBE for this work and now mixes his community service with some educational input. He has a wife and two grown up sons who are central in their support for him following a mild stroke, from which he recovered almost completely. His dog Rosie always shares the studio during his programme presenting.


Email: patrick@countylinxradio.co.uk


Barrie Haynes



My New show is called 'C'est La Vie'. I chat away for around 30 minutes  about every subject
under the Sun thats been recent news with a piece of music somewhere in the middle of the programme.  A bit ‘off the wall’ I can be silly and serious at the  same time, a unique slice of radio
I’m an old Tour Bus Driver/Guide/Holiday Rep who’s been around a bit and I never ever use a script!

Since retiring I’ve lived in Poole, Dorset and work voluntary for the Alzheimer’s Society and a major
local charity for the disabled. I’m a Past President of the Lions Club of Bournemouth and a failed author, having three novels presently for sale on Amazon.

Catch me for 'C'est La Vie' on Saturday at 7pm with the chance to listen again on Sunday at 5pm
Listen in and enjoy!.


.Barrie's Blog: barriehaynes.wordpress.com

Email: barrie@countylinxradio.co.uk


Leona Ayers






Email: leona@countylinxradio.co.uk


Bob Birch



Being a child of the 50s and 60s; I grew up with the legends that were coming out of the radio at that time...... The start of my Love Affair with the radio!

Like most of today's presenters; I spent many satisfying hours working on Hospital Radio gaining valuable experience.

I was born and raised in Leicestershire and I'm now based in the beautiful North East area of the England where I now produce Radio Programmes for various Radio Stations around the world, both on-line and terestrial FM/AM
Outside of radio, my other great love is the Ukulele and a member of The George Formby Society and the Ukulele Society of Great Britain.



Email: bob.birch@countylinxradio.co.uk




Craig Simpson 






Email: craig@countylinxradio.co.uk

John Sharp



I grew up in Rochdale where my initial love of R & B music developed into my becoming an out and out soulie, and also a scooter boy. I have a wealth of life experiences which contribute to some amusing stories/facts about my life as a mod.

I have a passion for helping people with disabilities to participate in activities and sport and I am currently the Chairman of Louth Disability Activities Forum, from which grew Louth Jaguars wheelchair basketball club where I still coach. I am also a national league wheelchair basketball referee.

I am also a mad classic car collector as well as a magpie for any unusual collectables.



Email: john.sharp@countylinxradio.co.uk

Marty Wilson



I have been in the music/performing business since the age of 8, starting in the Church Choir, piano lessons started at the same time, getting to Grade 5 Royals Schools of Music.
I remember distinctly, my piano teacher telling me when I had a yearn to play electric guitar in 1964, that the Beatles wouldn’t last, famous last words!
My Mum was pivotal in shaping my career in good taste and appreciation of melodies; all I do is down to you Mum.
The legacy of all this early insight into quality music have given me a great appreciation of all genres of music, which I feature in my career as a singer/musician/performer, and have done now for 52 years, providing my own stamp on the song choice I use, and something I want to bring to my listeners at CLR.
Two highlights of my career were singing live on BBC Radio 2, with John Hanson, and appearing live on stage with one of my guitar heroes Jet Harris, founder member of The Shadows.
My other business outside of Music, which incidentally, I dropped into, was, a love of Sales Marketing.
I started at Guinness Plastics Group in 1983, and I learned that I loved meeting clients, and eventually set up my own business in 1988, which I run to this day, however, music is always my first love.
I want to bring to CLR my own style of presenting, chat, marketing, working alongside a fantastic, highly qualified team, and take the station through the next decade, by providing a great service, not only in the studio, but in our mobile studio, taking our station to outlying areas, educating and entertaining, serving our listeners and residents, providing quality daily entertainment.
Looking forward to entertaining you on Sunday nights 8-10 on my Sunday Night Spectacular.




Here is a link to my plastics website: www.plasticstoragesystems.net


Email: marty.wilson@countylinxradio.co.uk

Eamonn Hayes



Born and raised in Leicestershire, I relocated to Lincolnshire in 2011. Now retired having previously worked as a chef, postman,and rat catcher. I have always loved seeing live bands and listening to music and can remember listening to radio Luxemburg most nights under the bed covers ! I hope some of this enthusiasm comes across on my Thursday night show, Eamonns Allsorts.





Email: eamonn@countylinxradio.co.uk

Chris Hunter
Born and raised in Nottingham, I spent many an hour listening to GEM AM. This was my mother’s influence. This is where I started to appreciate music and in particular, the 60s and 70s. I have a very eclectic taste in music which is slightly bias towards Queen, this is my father’s fault. I can appreciate rock, pop, opera, rhythm and blues, Motown and country. Unfortunately I am tone deaf and I can’t play an instrument but I can appreciate the effort that people put into entertaining us.
My radio career started a couple of years ago when I joined a like minded community Non-profit-making station. We had great ambitions and great plans but we didn’t have deep enough pockets or enough hours on the clock, so we had to abandon those plans. A good friend of mine put me in touch with CLR and I haven’t looked back since.
I broadcast my show, Hunter’s Happy Hour, between 8 and 10pm on Saturday evenings playing the best of the 60s and 70s. I have themes most weeks to keep it interactive and there are CLR points up for grabs too. If you can’t join me on Saturday evenings, (why not?) you can catch up on Tuesdays between 6 and 8pm, or anytime on mixcloud. 
Email: chris.hunter@countylinxradio.co.uk
Clive Bardy

Clive started his DJ career in 1976 at the height of the disco boom in the UK playing at pubs and clubs in London.

In the mid-eighties he joined one of the first community radio stations in The UK "Radio Thamesmead" as a presenter. From 1985 to 1990 Clive was a regular voice on one of Londons biggest FM pirate soul stations "LWR 92.5".

Clive has spent entire summer seasons as the resident DJ at clubs on the island of Cyprus out in the Med along with appearances at "soul all dayer" events in central London.

Over the past 2 decades Clive has presented regular shows on several commercial FM stations in East Anglia and the East Midlands. He has also worked at live roadshows with Connect FM and Heart Radio.

Clive now brings his classic jazz funk and soul show to County Linx Radio

Email: clive.brardy@countylinxradio.co.uk
Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards has been associated with the world of Radio Broadcasting for over 40 years, having started as many do, in Hospital Radio. He was one of the driving forces behind the formation of The Loughborogh Hospitals Broacasting Service (LHBS) back in 1975.

In fact Dave was the Station Manager for several years.


He was also associated with Radio Fox, in his home city of Leicester, in the early 1990's. He produced and presented the Sunday Breakfast Show.


Dave has, over the years,  worked for both Commercial and Publicly funded radio stations both here in the UK, as well world-wide.

He started as a Studio Assistant at BBC Radio Leicester in 1976.

He was used as a Commercial 'Voice Over' talent on Radio Trent in Nottingham and Mercia Sound in Coventry in the eighties.


Dave spent several years producing and presenting shows for local stations here in the UK.  He also spent some time broadcasting in Indonesia.


Dave returned to live in the UK again in 2010. He has spent the past few years providing 'Voice Overs' for several radio Stations, producing them in the Broadcast Studio that he has set up at his home.


He has also been very busy running  his own Internet Radio Station, Classic Hits Uk, which showcases the hits of the 60's & 70's. The station is heard in over 95 countries worldwide.

Having grown up in the Sixties, and having experienced the Seventies, he has a genuine love for the popular music of those two  decades.

His special love of the 70's is reflected in his show called 'That Seventies Sound' which he produces and presents each and every week. 

Email: dave.edwards@countylinxradio.co.uk
Ronnie Wright


Email: ron@countylinxradio.co.uk
Mary K Burke
Born in a small village called Park in Co Derry Northern Ireland Mary K left home at the tender age of sixteen to pursue  her musical dream to become a professional recording artist. Her dream finally came true in 2008 when Scotland's  premier Folk label Greentrax received her self produced demo and immediately signed her  to a three year licencing contract and released her debut album " A song in her heart" to worldwide critical acclaim.
 Mary had sang for many years on The UK country music scene under the stage name Tanya and was lead singer of Nevada for five years before forming her own band " Tanya & Sneaky moon" popular in country clubs and festivals all over the UK . Mary decided to go back to her roots and recorded her  debut album of Contemporary and traditional folk music. On  its release Mary was  sought after by media and interviewed on radio stations and magazines all over the world . It was when Mary appeared as a guest of Stewart Fenwick on  The Celtic Country show at http://www.celticmusicradio.net  a  Glasgow Radio station that Mary's speaking voice and warm personality struck a chord with Station management and listeners alike  .Two days later she got a call from the manager who asked if she would be interested in becoming a presenter. Mary K took to it really well and seem to have a way with people.
Mary has  interviewed many top names as well as highlighting many unknown independent artists on her show. and has  continued with her radio commitment. leaving Celtic Music Radio after ten years in Feb 2018 Mary took a short break before becoming freelance and continuing her weekly production of The Mary K Burke show. alongside her singing commitments ." I am passionate about music both listening and playing and creating it  and if I can bring a little joy to some people  that makes it all worthwhile. I am happy with my achievements both in Music and Radio and have made some wonderful connections throughout the world because of what I do.it also keeps me grounded and disciplined and I hope to be still broadcasting in another ten years" . Mary's  taste in music comes from her background growing up in N Ireland and  hearing Country music  and Irish folk  music more so than main stream. Her mix includes Country, Americana,Celtic-Folk ,easy listening and Rockabilly. 
Contact     marykburke@btinternet.com 
Mark Hemingway


After a 27 yr break from playing drums Mark bought a cheap drum kit and started again playing at open mike nights in Cambridgeshire .He joined the band Orbital kaos that was looking for a drummer in 2007.

He has work with an events company in Bedford setting up staging , sound and lighting for events all over the country.

In November 2015 he moved to Mablethorpe Lincolnshire and left orbital kaos. Late 2016 he met Rob and a new band was starting to come together after a several  months and candicates Hat Trick lincs was formed when kevin joined the band April 2017. In July  of that year they did there first gig at the Bell Hotel Burgh Le Marsh.

 Mark has engineered all the the bands recordings including there own song undercovers.

 He became involved with County Linx Radio after performing on the club bus stage in August 2017 and done his first show with the station in October of that year


Email: mark@countylinxradio.co.uk


Mason Haigh




Email: mason@countylinxradio.co.uk


Lady Lou


The Lady-Lou loves 2 things more about all others......................

1. Music!

2. Talking!


She has been a vocalist, songwriter and performer for a number of years, and loves any excuse to bring song to her life and work, so she feels community radio is a natural area for her to work in.


The Lady-Lou is full of life, love and energy and is a welcome addition to our team here at County Linx Radio.


Email: ladyloumusic@countylinxradio.co.uk


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